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Apex Hoops wants to help your organization build it's brand and expand its reach. Our services aim to grow your team brand, help new prospective players know about your team, and help current players reach new levels.

Team Branding Packages



Email us at if interested

Highlight Videos


Through years of experience dealing with international coaches, scouts, and agents, we put together highlight videos that will best showcase players. We offer professional videos for an inexpensive price.


Highlight videos start at $50

Professional Profiles


Our profiles will organize your bio, stats, video, and accomplishements in a professional manner that is easy for scouts to see why they should sign you. Our profile creation may be the difference between getting signed or not!


Profile creation starts at $25



We also offer a variety of other consulting options including contract review, player evaluations, career advising, and more. 


Do not make a mistake that can cost you money or a job! Contact us for help to advance your career.

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